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You've probably come across the phrase "certified pre-owned" if you've ever been shopping for a vehicle, but what does that mean exactly? If a car is "pre-owned" it is by definition used, but there is a difference between buying a used vehicle versus something that has been certified.


Basically, a certified pre-owned or CPO vehicle has undergone rigorous testing and inspection from the manufacturer to ensure that it is in good condition. This can include testing the steering wheel alignment, brakes, and the cruise control as well as thoroughly inspecting the exterior and interior of the vehicle for any kind of damage, even if it is just from normal wear and tear. The interior is also thoroughly cleaned to remove any odors or stains that may be left behind, fluid levels are checked, and tires are replaced. In short buying a CPO vehicle is the next best thing to buying a new car.

 Certified Pre-OwnedUsed
7 Year / 100,000 Mile Warranty    
Must have less than 60K Miles    
165-Point Inspection    
Vehicle History Report    
No Deductible for Repairs    
Transferable Warranty    

If there are any disadvantages to buying a CPO vehicle versus a used vehicle, it's that CPO vehicles are often more expensive, so car shoppers on a very tight budget might still prefer to invest in a used car instead. On the other hand, it is often well worth the extra money to purchase a CPO vehicle if only for the security and peace of mind that it can bring. When you spend the extra money on a certified vehicle, you know that you are getting something that is in great condition and that will keep you safe on the road. The same cannot always be said about a vehicle that is merely "used."

If you are in the market for a used or certified pre-owned vehicle, our dealership has plenty of options available that should fit comfortably into your price range. Contact us today for more information.