Jaguar Car Payment Relief

Lenders and Auto Loan Relief Programs

Many Jaguar drivers have been significantly and harshly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to health concerns, personal finances have been impacted by job loss, healthcare expenses, and several other factors. If you have to struggle to make your Jaguar loan or lease payments today, rest assured that debt relief is available through the Jaguar Financial Group.

What the Jaguar Financial Group is Offering

Jaguar Financial Group provides several forms of debt relief for loans and leases. Approved customers may obtain a payment deferral for up to 90 days. To determine if your account qualifies for a deferral, you will need to contact Jaguar Financial Group directly via your online account or phone. By deferring your Jaguar loan or lease payments, you could remain in your vehicle while finding the relief that you currently need.

End of Lease Options

At the end of a Jaguar lease, you typically have the option to turn in your vehicle by paying a surrender fee, to stay in your car by paying off the balance or upgrade to a new Jaguar with a new lease inception fee due. The economic effects of the pandemic may make it challenging for some Jaguar drivers to pursue their desired plans at the end of their lease. If you are included in this group, you may request a 6-month lease extension through Jaguar Financial Group.

Loan Deferment FAQs

What is a Jaguar Loan or Lease Deferment?

If you set up a loan or lease deferment through the Jaguar Financial Group, you can miss your payments during the agreed-upon period without penalty. While interest will continue to accrue on a Jaguar loan throughout this period, late payment fees will not be assessed. Your account will remain in good standing. Be aware that you must make all required payments outside of the approved deferment period. The deferred payments will be made up through a term extension at the end of your Jaguar lease or loan.

How Does a Jaguar Lease or Loan Deferment Impact My Credit Score?

When Jaguar Financial Services approve your deferment request, your account will be in good standing despite the skipped payments. Provided you abide by the terms of the deferral and make all required payments outside of the specified deferral period, there will be no adverse effect on credit scores.

How Do I Request a Jaguar Loan or Lease Deferment?

Jaguar Financial Services is reviewing deferral requests individually. You will need to contact your loan or lease servicing department by phone for assistance with the establishment of a deferral plan.