2019 Jaguar XE vs 2019 Audi A4
2019 Jaguar XE 2019 Audi A4
  247 hp 188 hp
Basic Warranty
  5 yr./60,000 mi. 4 yr./50,000 mi.
  8-speed automatic 7-speed automated manual

2019 Jaguar XE vs 2019 Audi A4

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Luxury-sport sedans are in high-demand for 2019, and there are quite a few contenders that represent this particular class. These types of sedans are fast, luxurious and high-performance thanks to their exotic features. The all-new Jaguar XE and Audi A4 rank very high among luxury-sport sedans today. Despite being separate automakers, these two vehicles share many of the same characteristics. This article is written for you, the consumer, to give you a better perspective of what these automobiles have to offer. Of course, only one will come out on top so keep reading.

Exterior Aesthetics

The 2019 Jaguar XE is a quintessential luxury-sport sedan that possesses dominant looks. The exterior of this sedan is poetry in motion thanks to its low profile and fluid characteristics. From its contoured hood to its aggressive rear end, the 2019 Jaguar XE has a dynamic appearance. The XE's athletic silhouette cuts through the air with relative ease, which makes it very drag efficient. The front grille has a mesh-like façade, and the vehicle's J-Blade headlamps peak out like two piercing eyes. Chrome side vents and Jaguar badging completes the look, and there's a chrome-side arc that perfectly frames the windows. To the rear, this sedan sports F-TYPE taillights that are tall and distinctive. The 2019 Audi A4 has a similar shape to the front of the vehicle thanks to its contoured hood. Audi's iconic Singleframe grille dominates the front as it hosts the dynamic Audi logo in chrome. Long, straight lines flow evenly from front to back, and there are new S-Line bumpers that are present. This luxury-sport sedan also has a low profile. The rear of the A4 is also quite good-looking thanks to its exotic taillights and dual chrome exhaust.

Interior & Technology

The 2019 Jaguar will keep you informed and well-connected because it sports a wide variety of technological advancements. This interior is put together very well with its form-hugging seats that are finely crafted with comfortable upholstery. For a bolder visual appearance, these seats have twin-needle stitching. The dashboard area sweeps around for a stunning look, and it's loaded to the max with intuitive features such as a press-button start and chrome-air vents. Up to five individuals can sit comfortably here. Technological features included are a Meridian surround sound system that possesses 825 watts, 4G LTE Wi-Fi and a 10-inch Touch Pro display screen. The interior of the 2019 Audi A4 is no slouch as it sports premium-leather seats, a power sunroof, and a seven-inch, driver-instrument panel. The vehicle's front seats are heated and ventilated for pure comfort. Passengers will enjoy listening to their favorite tunes via the Bang & Olufsen audio system. Though this interior isn't the biggest in size, it still offers a good amount of legroom. Other features included are Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and keyless start capability.


The new Jaguar XE is all about creating an exceptional driving experience. This sedan provides a unique ride thanks to its 50/50 weight distribution and rigid frame. The all-wheel-drive system here provides the right amount of traction, and it will automatically adjust to meet any driving terrain. Torque Vectoring technology from the engine gives you the right amount of torque, especially while cornering. Other performance features include double-wishbone suspension, low-speed cruise control, and a sharper throttle response. The new Audi A4 sports a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission that's smooth and direct. With 248 horsepower, this sedan isn't the quickest, but the driver can reach 60 mph in 5.6 seconds. There are driver-select modes that provide a more personalized experience. Driving modes include auto, dynamic, and comfort. The A4 also has firm tuning thanks to its sport suspension, but it falls short to what its competitor can achieve.

The 2019 Jaguar XE outclasses its competitor in every category. If you would like an up-close and personal look at this machine then stop Jaguar Atlanta South. If you play your cards right, then we'll offer you a test drive.